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Authorized Service Center for TVs, Home Theater Systems, Media Control Rooms, Complete Media Sound & Video Systems, Projectors & more! Our Master Techs will Install Repair Set Up Create Configure & Fully Program Your Entertainment System to Always work. We cover the entire state of SC! 
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Myrtle Beach TV Repair® APPLIANCE REPAIR WARRANTY by Asurion Services

Home Appliance Warranty

Keep your fridge, oven, washer and dryer running.
We love our appliances. That’s why we protect them.
Asurion Appliance Insurance
No service fees or additional costs

Asurion cover kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, ranges and dishwashers as well as washers, dryers and other appliances for failures your manufacturer’s warranty may not. Some of the most common home appliance problems aren’t a worry when you have an Asurion protection plan.

Electronics Warranty

Keep the fun going. Protect your favorite gadgets.
Games to drones, you love your portable electronics.
Asurion Drone Insurance
No service fees or additional costs
We cover you where your electronics manufacturer’s warranty might not. Some of the most common failures aren’t a worry when you have an Asurion warranty service plan. Protect your camera, drone, headphones and portable gaming system.

Small devices, big repairs. Get covered by the leader in portable device protection plans.
Pre Paid Shipping
Pre-Paid Shipping
To one of our repair centers

Claim Filing
24/7 Claim Filing
File a claim online, on your schedule

Claim Status Email
Real-Time Updates
Track your claim with email status updates

Portable Repair
Fast Repairs
Most portables are repaired within 2 business days of receipt

Back up and running
If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it or reimburse you, depending on the plan. Don’t be without your fun tech for long.

We cover these common portable electronic issues:
  • Portable Electronic Insurance
  • Drops, spills and cracks from normal use
  • Internal heat, dust and humidity
  • Failures due to normal wear and tear
  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Remote control failure
  • Accessory damage
  • Battery failure
  • We cover these top electronic brands:
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Easy claims hub

File a claim in 3 easy steps online. This one-stop shop also lets you monitor your claims through every step of the process. Know when you’ll get your tech back in your hands.

There are many reasons why a warranty service plan is your best bet.
The numbers don’t lie: protecting your tech with a warranty coverage is a smart idea.

Portable GPS devices
Portable GPS devices break during high travel months, especially March, May and July.

Life span of laptop
Game console claims increase by 65% when kids are home for the holidays.

Repair a household product
More than half of all homeowners have had to repair or replace a household product.

Explore the other products we protect:
TelevisionsLaptopsTabletsHome AppliancesElectronics
Warranty coverage from Asurion is available at most major retailers.

Ask your local retailer for an Asurion product protection plan the next time you purchase an electronic or appliance.
Note: Features vary by program. Check your terms and conditions for full coverage details.

Extended Warranty through Asurion

Extended protection plans for TVs, laptops, tablets, home appliances, and more.
Protect your products with confidence.

Saves you money
TV Warranty Insurance Saves You Money
No service fees* or additional costs to repair or replace your products if the unexpected happens.

Fast, convenient repairs
Repairs with Dishwasher Warranties
24/7 online support and fast service.

Simple plan management
Warranty Claims & Solution Hub
Manage all of your plans and file a claim easily online.

Choose the leader in extended warranties for all of the important products in your life.
TV Warranty
Don’t let malfunctions come between you and your favorite show.

Laptop Warranty
Whether for work or for play, your computer needs to run smoothly.

Tablet Warranty
Don’t face a long road trip with the kids without it. Know you’re covered.

Appliance Warranty
Keep your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and other appliances running.

Portable Electronics Warranty
That high score is just within reach. Keep the games going.

Extended service plans for these products and many more.

Ask for a warranty policy from Asurion the next time you buy a TV, laptop, tablet, portable electronic or appliance.

*Does not apply to tablets covered by device protection plans through wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) Click here for more information.

See more facts
Understand the importance of warranty coverage for your product.
Protection plan to save money
It makes good financial sense
The unexpected costs to diagnose, repair or replace your products can be high. Our protection plans can save you money should the need arise.

Laptop warranty plans
Products don’t last forever
Even the newest smart and efficient technologies are vulnerable to breakdowns, normal wear and tear, and failures.

Manufacturer Warranties
Manufacturer warranties aren’t always enough
Typical manufacturer warranties don’t cover some of the common problems customers face and last only a limited time.

Note: Features vary by program. Check your terms and conditions for full coverage details.

Frequently Asked Questions.
What is a protection plan?
A protection plan (also referred to as a service plan, extended service plan (ESP), extended service contract (ESC) or extended warranty) can provide you with product coverage above and beyond the terms and life of a manufacturer’s warranty. If your product fails, we are standing by ready to help you. Asurion Warranties protect against unexpected product failures and costly repairs or replacement and provide you with peace of mind. Asurion plans deliver fast, convenient repairs, simple plan management, 24/7 support, and online claims filing.

What is covered by an extended warranty?
A typical protection plan covers repair of a product or the replacement of a product with a new or re-manufactured replacement product of like kind and quality or we may issue you a gift card or check for the original purchase price of that product, including taxes (if applicable), as indicated on your sales receipt. While specific protection plan benefits vary by the type of product they cover, some of the most common benefits include the following: – Parts and labor coverage for breakdowns caused by:

Normal wear and tear
Defects in workmanship and materials
Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
Environmental factors
Power surge protection
No lemon policy
Toll-free assistance
Free transferable coverage
When can I purchase a protection plan?
You can buy a protection plan any time within the first 30 days of the original product purchase.

How do I file a claim for a failed product?
To get started,

After you’ve registered the product, you can upload store receipts, file or track a claim online, and get product support all within your personal solution hub.

How does an Asurion protection plan differ from a manufacturers warranty?
Unlike a manufacturer’s warranty, which is included with the purchase price of a product, protection plans are sold at a separate price. Manufacturer’s warranties are limited in the types of breakdowns they cover, as well as in their duration. In fact, some manufacturer’s warranties are as short as 90 days. Protection plans typically pick up once a manufacturer’s warranty expires, but some plans also offer benefits during the manufacturer’s warranty period, as well. And for portable electronics, such as tablets and laptops, many protection plans include coverage for Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH), such as drops, spills and cracked screens, which occur during the normal use of the product beginning on the date of purchase. That’s protection that manufacturers don’t offer! Here is a breakdown of the basic differences between reputable protection plans and manufacturers’ warranties:

BenefitsLimited Manufacturer’s WarrantyReputable Extended Service Plan
Length of coverage, parts90 days to 2 yrs; may differ from labor(split*)1-5 years for parts + labor: no split
Length of coverage, labor90 days to 2 yrs; may differ from parts (split)2-5 years for labor +parts; no split
Customer serviceLimited Business hours Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm Closed Sat + Sun24/7 online support and assistance over the phone during extended hours (sometimes 24/7)
Defects in materials; workmanshipYESYES
Failures due to normal wear and tearNOYES
Failures from a power surgeNOYES
Failures due to from dust, heat and humidityNOYES
Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)NOVaries
No Lemon PolicyVariesVaries

*Manufacturer’s warranties are often split – providing one term of coverage for parts and a different term of coverage for labor.